Atipharmed pharmaceutical company

The first pharmaceutical company Focused on women’s health
What makes us at Ati Pharmed pharmaceutical company different from other pharmaceutical companies; can be seen in our production method and quality. Ati Farmed pharmaceutical company is the first and only pharmaceutical company in Iran that has a dedicated production line of sex hormone drugs and has specialized in the production of this group of drugs by relying on the best technology in the world, which has caused that the drugs produced in Ati Pharmed pharmaceuticals, even considering the small amount of hormone in each pill (about micrograms), have the highest level of hormone compatibility with the amount included in the pills, and more importantly, the same active ingredients in all the pills in a blister Together (Content Uniformity), it has caused the level of effectiveness to be met in the best possible way for each drug.

Due to the special and often unique characteristics of these substances, which are known as very unstable substances, sex hormone molecules tend to break down and reduce their effects even in the humidity of the environment. And in case of weakness in the production technology, the possibility of converting these substances into other sex hormones is very high. By using the world’s best technology in production, packaging and storage, Ati Pharmed pharmaceutical company has succeeded in achieving optimal stability in the production of sex hormone molecules.

The sum of these two factors, i.e., the same amount of active ingredient in all tablets of a medicine blister and the optimal stability of the active ingredient, have caused the sex hormone drugs produced in Atipharmed pharmaceutical company to have the highest level of competitiveness with other similar foreign samples.